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5 Ways to Succeed in the Pizza Industry

There are several areas that are key to succeed in the pizza industry, and while all these areas are important, any one is not the end all be all to a successful formula. We all know of a local chain that has the worst pizza, but yet you see delivery vehicles everywhere you go!

So today, the team at New York Brick Ovens is sharing their thoughts on the Top 5 ways to succeed in the pizza industry!

Tip 1! 

Location, location, location! The best ways is to be the only game in town, or to be in a tourist location, where there are no other options available. Another great option is to chose a location, where other options aren’t of any consequence due to being very expensive of a different and specialized category like a fish house. Some of the most successful places are located in malls, theme parks, schools military bases or small-town USA.

Tip 2

Make the best pizza known to man (or close to it). If you are making a really top notch product, people will find you and not only that, people will talk. After all, we all know that word of mouth is the BEST advertising. The reason for that is that people will trust the opinion of friends and family over unfounded claims of the best pizza in town and

Tip 3

Be unique. Examples of this are everywhere, but they may not seem apparent. Like making a Chicago pie, where there never was one. Having a wood burning brick oven, using insects as toppings or having a pizza drive through, like Ole Jose’s in Pineville, WV, where they use a revolving brick oven.

Tip 4

Be a social maniac. Take pride in being part of your community. Before there was social media, there were social men and women. These wonderful people actually cared about the people they met and considered customers as friends to share joys and sorrows with. One very moving example of this, is when people would come to Goodfella’s Pizza in Staten Island on their way home from work in the days after 911. They came, just to get out of the house and be with people who cared in a friendly and safe environment.

Tip 5

Service! Run a tight ship that gives service and shows genuine care for the customer’s experience. This may seem like a given, but if you are not on top of this and setting a good example for your staff, then success will never happen!  A little thing like a smile or help and directions can go a long way in building a relationship with your customers.

As stated above, while this list will not guarantee your success, if you follow these points, your odds will be greatly increased. Additionally, if you earnestly follow point 5, you will contribute to a better world – and who doesn’t want that?



Brick Oven Pizza Phenomenon

New York Brick Oven Co, Today, our factory partners of New York Brick Oven Company is sharing some information on the Brick Oven Pizza Phenomenon.  Tt is quite phenomenal, how many brick oven pizza places are opening around the country these days. Concepts are ranging from fast casual chains  to buffet concepts, mom and pop joints and even the PI pizza delivery boat in St. Thomas.

There are several factors contributing to this sudden expansion in the pizza market. A few that come immediately to mind are: the internet, food networks, pizza schools, revolving brick ovens and YouTube. All these factors have made a tremendous difference for the entrepreneur in areas such as knowledge, availability, ease of operation and promotion.

Old School vs. New School

Old school pizza business required a lot of legwork, because the information, equipment, and recipes were not available to your average person. Most young people today, do not understand a world without cell phones or internet! But, imagine for a minute having to make all your business calls  from a fixed location, none while driving, walking or commuting. On top of that, if you had to make a call on the road you had to find a coin operated phone booth. Further, if you weren’t able to reach someone, you might have to wait for minutes, hours or days, until you were able to get hold of them.  All in all, it made starting a business very hard!

Add to that having to come up with dough recipes, hunting down ingredients and equipment by traveling to actual stores and visiting people in business for ideas. No, you couldn’t just click and get a hundred different recipes or a dozen different mixers. How about ovens? Hand built brick ovens were the only game available. And good luck finding a reputable builder, a decent price or even the ability schedule construction of the oven in any alignment with your own construction. Now add to that the impossibility of finding a pizza man skilled in working a wood fired brick oven, building codes, wood supplies and you start to get the idea of the logistics, training, and skill that was needed just to start.

Pizza School of New York

Now we have the Pizza School New York and Revolving Brick Ovens. It was unheard of that anyone would give you a dough recipe – let alone teach you the business of pizza. The Pizza School New York has not only trained exceptional award winning pizza makers but has helped launch scores of successful pizza places and chains around the world. There is a reason why New York is known as the capital of pizza across the globe. Finally, it was also unheard of to have a brick oven that did not require intense training and skill to operate which then permitted a pizza maker to demand a very substantial salary due to his rare skill. Now you have a revolving brick oven that makes perfect pizza and can be mastered in a day or two. Basically, all these points are driving the generations of entrepreneurs to higher creativity and a much higher success rate than the men and women of even a generation earlier. So this is why the brick oven pizza is such a phenomenon, and this time just may become known as the “Glory Days of Pizza” here in America.