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LBC Bakery Equipment in the District of Columbia, VIRGINIA AND MARYLAND

Produce excellent-quality pizza or roasted meat using ovens or rotisserie systems by LBC Bakery Equipment in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

LBC Bakery Equipment produces and sells equipment mainly for the North American market, with safety and sanitation approvals for both US and Canada. They continue to innovate products for this market and new equipment for the food service and baking industry. The company uses only the best materials and implements the highest constructions standards. With the implementation of energy-saving changes to their gas rack ovens, they have taken the lead in terms of lowering energy costs.

They provide an entire roll-in rotating rack oven, roll-in rack proofer, or combo retarder or proofer system made to produce the best products and satisfy the output needs of bakeries and food service enterprises everywhere.

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